"Right out of the gate, one will immediately notice Rainwater’s gruff, deep voice that’s absolutely perfect for the type of music he’s releasing. He’s accented further by a slick, well-produced sound with stellar instrumental performances. The poignant ‘If We Could Go Fishin’ One More Time,’ for example, is a terrific excursion through Rainwater’s brand of personal country. Rainwater’s ode to his late father is beautiful, and ‘If We Could Go Fishin’ One More Time’ is wonderfully genuine." - Brett David Stewart






Calvin's EP Release!!

Calvin's first ever EP has been released!! You can order a DIGITAL copy by clicking HERE or you can purchase the actual CD by clicking here, BUY CD and fill out the form!

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Meet calvin...

"If I could sing like Waylon, write like Jamey and perform like Chris Ledoux, this would be something!” Country music has always rung close to Calvin Rainwater’s heart. A country singer, performer and songwriter, Calvin is... (to read more, click HERE!)


Calvin is an amazing artist! I had the privilege of hearing some of his music and it is amazing ladies and and gents. We are all in for a real treat here shortly! Calvin's voice and musical... (to read more, click HERE!)


Calvin is currently working on some media content for you all to check out! With his EP release and music video soon to be finished, stay tuned for what's coming next!!