Calvin Rainwater Official Website

Session Musician

Are you looking for an experienced Vocalist, Guitarist, or Lyricist?  Calvin has over thirty years experience working with orginal - cover bands, duos, and trios. Not only has he toured around the United States, he also has an array of studio experience and has worked on many varied projects, both live and studio, as a guitarist and vocalist.
Calvin has worked alongside many quality musicians of all styles and genres, including rock, jazz, country, folk and classical. He has experience in many genres of music, is always open to new ideas and is willing and able to adapt to your needs.
Click HERE for a video clip from previous performances. When you hire Calvin Rainwater, you won't be just hiring a musician, you will be a hiring a professional and personalized service, whether it's smart presentation at rehearsals and events, great time keeping, quality equipment and web admin services (if required). 

Songwriting Lessons

Have you ever wanted to know how to write a song? How do the Pro's do it?  Calvin will Skype with you or he will meet with you at a scheduled time to go over the how to's of the Pros.  

For Hire Musician

Are you looking for a rythum guitarist and vocalist to fill in on a rehearsal/recording studio or show? Calvin offers a brand new service 'Online Sessions' where you can send him your material via email as mp3. This cuts out the large quantity of time of trying to organising the logistics of travelling, setting up etc. 
"We used Calvin to do vocals for our forthcoming album. Firstly he has an excellent voice, which is both versatile and strong. We did a full day's vocal recording without a problem covering Funk, Rock and Alternative Dance. Despite attending rehearsals he put in his own time to make sure he knew the songs on the day of recording and got fully behind the material. Both us and the studio engineer were impressed with his professionalism and the quality of the vocal laid down. Not only that he's a good bloke to work with, listened to what we wanted and also put forward some of his own vocal ideas. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jon for session work and would use his vocals again for our future material" 
Aaron Perrott, Mock The Wasp